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Romain Grosjean May Just Be Right At Home In Indycar.

By RJ Oakley | The Game Haus

Romain Grosjean has had a very intresting racing career. When he was in Formula 1, he was not a very popular driver. Grosjean never saw consistent success in the cars he was in. Now well half-way through his first season in Indycar, Grosjean may just be right where he belongs.

An Impressive Rookie Season

It is odd calling a 10-year Formula 1 veteran a rookie. But that is exactly what Grosjean officially is. After it was announced that the Haas F1 Team would not be resigning Grosjean in 2021, Romain made the decision to compete in the US. Racing fans were absolutely interested to see how Grosjean would preform in Indycar.

While Indy and Formula 1 cars are both open wheel, success in one series does not guarantee success in the other. For Grosjean, he really did not have much success in Formula 1. Over his 10-year career, Grosjean scored only 10 podiums and 0 wins. Still, many consider F1 drivers to be the best in the world, so it was expected that Grosjean may perform well in America.

So far, Grosjean has impressed in Indycar. In 9 starts this season, Grosjean has scored 2 podiums and even earned a pole position. He currently also sits 15th overall in the drivers championship for Indycar this season. He certainly has not been winning every single race, but in his first season in a new circuit, Grosjean is doing very well.

A Scary End, But A New Beginning

The main reason though why fans were eager to watch Grosjean drive in Indycar was because of his final race

in Grosjean though did decide to continue racing. Following the F1 season, Grosjean would announce that he would race part-time for Dale Coyne Racing. This announcement just came only a few months after his crash in Bahrain. The burns had yet to even heal on Grosjean’s hands.

The “Phoenix”

Many racing fans have now gone on to call Grosjean the “Phoenix”. The reason for that nickname seems vary obvious. Not many racing drivers can say they have gotten out of their cut in half, flaming car on their own and then went on to race again in less than a year. Grosjean easily is a fan favorite driver in all of the racing world. He may just be part-time in Indycar right now, but there is a strong chance the Frenchman will compete full-time next season.

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